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"The thing I like the best about you teaching me the piano is that you take the time to explain things to me." 

Love, Mary M, age 8


"The progress each of our four boys made under Theresa's instruction was tremendous!"

~ Kathryn & Danny (boys ages 7-15)


"In my long association with Theresa, I have found her to be an extremely gifted pianist of great accomplishment, understanding and sensitivity. She is an exceptional teacher as well, thanks to her communicative warmth, sense of humor, and sincere involvement in the progress of her students." 

~ Lawrence Schubert, acclaimed Concert Pianist & Instructor


“I like Ms. Theresa because she saw a talent in me, and through music, lets everyone else see that talent. She knows what style is just right for you. She expects you to come and be prepared, to work hard and to have fun. She is a great teacher.”

~ Chelsea M, age 13


“I've had about 4 piano teachers in my life, and Ms. Theresa was the first one who ever taught me anything. I have always wanted to take my piano playing to the next level, and she helped me to do that by introducing me to Classical Music. I was still playing in the Beginner Children's Book when I first came to her. I could not play a soft note to save my life! Now, after only 2 years with Ms. Theresa, I've progressed to the point where I can play with ease such pieces as Mozart Sonata in C Major. I owe every successfully played (and dynamically-imbued) piece to her superb instruction.”

~ Helen, age 16


"As an adult piano student, I appreciate Theresa's professionalism, experience, patience, and gentle guidance.  She is adept at working with individual learning styles and suggesting appropriate music and exercises.  Lessons are both instructive and enjoyable." 

~ Lorraine, age 59


"Excellent,   caring piano teacher who taught my son starting when he was 6 until 8 when Ms. Theresa closed her studio initially. She is exceptional  at motivating her students, especially her younger ones, with games and challenges that stretch and grow their capabiliti es in a safe, caring environmen t. I love the fact she teaches music and not just piano instructio n - from rhythm to notes and scales to proper technique - it's all there encouragin g her students. Her recitals also gave her students a goal to reach toward where all the practice led to an achievemen t in the end. We were very sad when her studio closed and are very pleased she is teaching once again as our 5 year old will need lessons soon!"

~ Joshua H, 2015 

 "I have been taking piano lessons with Theresa for the past 6 months. Theresa has a patient and encouraging teaching approach which makes the lessons enjoyable.  I am pleasantly surprised at how quickly I am progressing in a short amount of time."
~ Anita, age 63

Ms. Theresa has been blessed with over 15 years of experience teaching the piano to children and adult students - she aims to guide students in expressing their own unique voices at the piano with patience, communicative warmth and sincere involvement.   

While Ms. Theresa's degree is not in Music, she studied classical piano and took music courses at Skidmore College, Queens College and Molloy College.

Her past piano instructors include: Mr. Lawrence Schubert, Dr. Richard Hihn & Dr. Ivo Kaltchev.  

Theresa enjoys playing Classical, Jazz-style, Broadway, Soft Rock and Praise Music.  

 She is a member of: National Guild Music Teachers, Music Teachers National Association, Maryland State Music Teachers Association, and Montgomery County Music Teachers Association, and a past member of: New York State School Music Association.