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Practicing is KEY to making progress at the piano.

Find a time when the student is mentally alert and able to concentrate.

Have a quiet spot and a set time to practice (timer is helpful).

Practice 60+ minutes each week depending level and recommendation.

Have four or more practice sessions each week.


*It is important to NOT give different practice instructions from that of the teacher's.

Doing so will confuse the student. Instead, talk to the teacher if you have concerns.*



Piano or Keyboard

Sturdy Keyboard Stand

Sturdy Piano Bench (adjustable one for growing kids)

Non-slip Piano Footstool (for young kids)

Books & Materials



I recommend these stores:

 To see or order books from, go to: Ms. Theresa's Piano Studio Wish List

JW Pepper





With regular use, a piano should be tuned every six months. It is vital that students' ears are used to a well-tuned piano! Imagine learning how to sing with a teacher who sings out-of-tune; it is the same as practicing on an out-of-tune piano! Also, tuning your piano is like changing the oil on your car, if you don't do it on a regular basis, irreparable damages can be done.

Consider getting a Damp Chaser installed on your piano by a qualified tuner – it keeps the piano in better shape in-between tuning.



I recommend my tuner:

Mr. Chamberlain Naecker @ Naecker's Piano Service

(member of "The Piano Technician's Guild" Piano Technicians Guild)


Tuning, Repairs, Piano Recommendations

$100-$150 per tuning



Keyboard is a less expensive alternative to having a piano. My 1 st choice is an 88-keys keyboard, followed by 76-keys, then 61-keys, depending on your budget. The piano has 88 keys, so an 88-keys keyboard is best; a keyboard with less keys will be confusing for some students, and requires adjustment from taking lessons on a piano. There are so many keyboards out there and companies keep coming up with new models. Things to look for are: a simple keyboard (few buttons/gadgets) & a reliable brand.


A keyboard stand needs to be sturdy so that the keyboard does not slide off.



I recommend these brands: Yamaha, Casio & Roland.

My recommendations on keyboards are on

Click on: Ms. Theresa's Piano Studio Wish List



I highly recommend these adjustable benches:

Stagg Piano Bench with Adjustable Height -